‘By the skater, for the skater.’

Cape Town Court Marshals

If you love to skate, love the sport, but the contact is just not for you – join our referee squad. The Cape Town Court Marshals run all of our roller derby games and practice twice a week. Their job on track is to call for penalties when skaters perform illegal moves and to ensure the game follows the standards set by Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

Become a roller derby referee. Email for more information.

All-Stars – Iron Meisies

The Iron Meisies are the Cape Town Rollergirls ALL-STAR team. The team comprises the best roller derby skaters from our home teams, the Storm Riders, The Rev’ettes and the Scrim Reapers. Only Level A Skaters can be assessed to trial for the Iron Meisies squad and those assessments only happen twice a year.

Home Teams

The Rev’ettes

Level A/B Skaters that add fuel to any fire. The Rev’ettes are one of Cape Town Rollergirls’ original home teams, formed in August 2013.

Storm Riders

Level A/B Skaters that ride the waves and the Cape storms. The Storm Riders are one of Cape Town Rollergirls’ original home teams, formed in August 2013.

Scrim Reapers

Level A/B Skaters. The Scrim Reapers are Cape Town Rollergirls’ newest, edgiest home team. Formed in October 2014 and keen to make their mark on the Cape Town roller derby scene, their motto is: “You reap what you sow”.

Fresh Meat

Love to skate? Or do you want to learn how to skate? Email to join our weekly Monday slot. Fresh Meat skaters will be assisted by coaches from the Cape Town Rollergirls and are encouraged to volunteer at our events.