About Cape Town Rollergirls

‘By the skater, for the skater.’

About the league

Cape Town Rollergirls is an all-women, skater-owned and run roller derby league. Founded in 2012, an evolution from the previous league name – Mother City Mayhem. The Cape Town Rollergirls is officially registered as a Not For Profit Organisation (NPO).

‘By the skater, for the skater.’

What is Roller Derby?

The Cape Town Rollergirls Roller Derby League offers Flat Track Roller Derby, a full-contact sport, played between two teams of women on quad roller-skates in an anti-clockwise race on a flat oval track, as well as recreational roller skating in Cape Town. We adhere to the latest rules set by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

Each team comprises maximum 14 players, with up to five at a time on the track for each ‘jam’ that lasts up to two minutes. The ‘jammers’, who are the scoring players, identified with a star on their helmets, work their way through the ‘pack’ made up of ‘blockers’ and a ‘pivot’ player (stripe on helmet) from each team. The blockers’ objective is to assist their own jammer through the pack and to prevent the opposing jammer from scoring points.

The jammers need to legally passed through the pack before she can start scoring points. Jammers score a point for every opposing skater she passes, and the first jammer to break through earns the ‘Lead Jammer’ status. Jams are up to two minutes long, unless ended by the lead jammer, who calls it off by repeatedly placing her hands on her hips.

Jams are played 30 seconds after one another until the ‘period’ is up.

Two periods make up the entire match, known as the ‘bout’, and the team with the most points at the end, wins.

Skaters may land up in the penalty box for 30 seconds for performing illegal moves.

The rules are enforced and games are run by the referees and the Non-Skating Officials (NSOs) who manage time keeping, scoring and the penalty box.

How we’re run

The Cape Town Rollergirls follows the roller derby motto of ‘By the skater, for the skater’. Our management team comprises five chair members, each managing their relevant departments. Our league structure is set up to follow the protocols of being a registered Not For Profit Organisation (NPO) in South Africa, with our five chair members, voted in by the full members of the Cape Town Rollergirls sports league at the Annual General Meeting.

Jonet Human (Eva Grimm)


Suretha Van Sittert (Beast)


Amoré van Sittert (LuciFear)


Mel Reyneke (MelODramatic)